Toni Boot should resign

Is it any surprise that Toni Boot is  running for the NDP in the next provincial election?  She has declared her candidacy for the NDP but has only taken a leave of absence from her current job as Mayor of Summerland. We all know where her priorities lie. She needs to resign as Mayor immediately.  

This business of taking a leave of absence just in case one doesn’t get elected, is BS!  She has done little for the citizens of Summerland during her mandate as Mayor. Our infrastructure, which is in dire need of attention, has been passed over again by another mayor with her  own agenda.  

Her little publicity stunt this summer over the confederate flag, shows where her priorities lie. Has anybody noticed that the District of Summerland cannot keep senior level employees for much more than a year. Are the affairs at the District in such a shambles that  qualified people don’t want to deal with the issues?  

What is really happening in the District of Summerland? Who is really controlling Summerland?  Toni Boot doesn’t care, she wants to be an MLA!

Cindy Nixdorf

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