We need stable government

With some exceptions, we still have a fairly robust “social safety net” around us  which governments at all levels are not boing to be able to  sustain for much longer with deficits now in the billions. Rent increase and mortgage deferrals, emergency loans to small business etc. are coming to an end shortly 

I truly believe there are even more harsh financial realities in store for us during the next COVID months and post-pandemic years. The man in street interviews you did would seem to indicate that current government is doing a pretty good job handling crisis otherwise public would be wanting a change STAT…pandemic or no.

But the reality is that a minority government being propped up by a fringe party does not make for a strong mandate to meet oncoming challenges about to occur in next few months. They need a strong mandate to see us through the upcoming crises. Saw today from major news source, they had kept 79% of election promises in first months of power.  We need to get out and vote strategically.  Not necessarily for the party we would normally support in better times.

J. Howson

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