Kelowna has worst drivers

Why do we make rules and laws?  We make rules and laws to keep peace and prevent anarchy. We do this at no small expense. I don’t know what it costs to make a law and put it into action; I only imagine it’s not cheap. 

The laws that I want to refer to here are mostly traffic laws. We have speed limits that most people are pretty good about obeying. The ones I want to address are the left hand turn on Cooper between Harvey and Enterprise. The city had many discussions in council about this and decided to put up a sign and paint it on the street.  Approximately a month after it was put up a city councilor was trying to make a left hand turn there.

As well as since then many other privileged few do the same. There are several red lights no right hand turns throughout the city. These are for the weak of mind who want to obey the law. And again there are a privileged few who totally ignore the law. There is also a sign out there which is a black stop sign with a red circle around it and a line through it; for those of you do not know what this is; it is a no stopping zone. When I asked several people parked in these areas if they know what the sign was; they told me “yes, but it’s ok; I only waiting for my children; they should only be another five or ten minutes!" Bong! 

We also have a little known by-law that states it’s unlawful for people to pan handle in the middle of the road meridians. I personally have seen cars, trucks, motorcycles and even a police officer give money to these people Bong!

We have an HOV( high occupancy vehicle) lane that the police have clearly stated they cannot enforce. Please do not get me wrong; I am no angel. I have had my share of tickets over 35 years of being a professional driver. I have to say that Kelowna has to have the worst drivers I have ever seen across Canada.

When you display your dislike for an illegal act by using your horn a lot will tell you, “you are #1” or totally ignore because they have heard the horn so often and they just don’t care, because, they are the privileged few. This is only one man’s opinion that works and drives professionally every day.

Victor J. Hakanson

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