Election and COVID-19

It will be extremely ironic and hypocritical if Horgan and his NDP call for a snap election this fall. He knows his poll numbers for the handling of the Covid 19 Pandemic are high but should he decide to use that for political advantage it will have him sinking to the lows that we see with the current political leader of our neighbours to the south.

At a time when our provincial Covid infection numbers are going the wrong way and are at new highs our health minister along with Dr. Bonnie Henry have rolled back some of the business openings and recently announced new restrictions while they keep pounding the message to keep our circles small, wear masks and stay away from crowds it is unthinkable and irresponsible to call for an election.

Has Horgan not noticed that the vast majority of those who volunteer to work the election polling stations are seniors who are the most vulnerable to become infected and die from Covid? These volunteers have to be hired and trained in classrooms to prepare for election day crowds and all of this to happen as we enter the common flu season which most health professionals are concerned will make dealing with Covid more difficult and deadly.

Mr. Horgan up to now you have handled the Pandemic well so why do you now after 8 months contemplate deliberately having an event that will create crowds putting additional British Columbians lives at risk? If gambling with your constituents lives seems like an acceptable risk to you just so you can have a bit more power then you will call for a fall election. Large crowds associated with an election goes against everything you, your own health minister and head provincial doctor have been preaching daily to British Columbians for many months. Should you do so I hope that the voters treat you with the same disdain that your recklessly calling for an election now does for them.

Guy Bissonnette, Lake Country

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