Hot flash to the WE people

I have a hot flash to WE people who are upset by the cancellation of the student pay for volunteers program. It’s not the opposition that canceled the program, it’s the Liberal insiders who dreamt up the program to help the struggling WE charity stay afloat even though they lost their board of directors and were in severe financial difficulties.

The WE Charity were privy to Cabinet ministers and others who had influenced programs without registering as lobbyists. Funny how warped the minds of left leaning folks always seem to blame others when they are found out.  

These folks don’t understand the volunteer concept. Unpaid for services to help out their community. I volunteered many times. I was a service club member that devoted hours upon hours of my time way from my family to help others. Do I regret it? Not a for a  second. It was my way of giving back to the community that I loved. To ask for pay would be an insult.

If the students needed to be paid for something, perhaps taking meaningful jobs in the orchards to pick fruit instead of importing third world country people would be a start.

Robert Hepting

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