Not time for an election

Calling a provincial election, while we are in the middle of a very stubborn pandemic, millions of people still unemployed, and the realistic prospect of an immediate federal election is asking an already weary electorate the impossible, and the following letter just went out the door.

Dear Premier John Horgan.

While it may be tempting to try and capitalize on your perceived success fighting that nasty COVID virus, it would be violating your own legislation, having future elections fixed on the third Saturday in October of the fourth calendar year after the last election.

That would make the next election Saturday October 16th 2021.

I would encourage you to comply with your own legislation, or risk losing votes as many would perceive your decision to be untimely, opportunistic, and defiant of your own legislation.  

It would also be prudent to consider we could be looking at a federal election later this year, an election that deserves the undivided attention of all voters, especially when we consider the unprecedented political and economic upheaval we currently are experiencing.

Andy Thomsen, Kelowna 

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