Loss of freedoms

I wonder how many people believe their personal freedoms and liberty are being threatened. I do. It only takes a moment of crisis, leaders who are able to capitalize on the fear from that crisis, the ability to shift blame away from government and a lack of true exchange of opinions in the media that can open the door and give totalitarianism a foothold. Think not?

Recently a reporter in talking about masks discredited a petition against the use of masks by minimizing their democratic right to oppose.  His opinion is that the masks serve as a reminder that 'the Covid -19 pandemic is still with us and we should follow the protocols in place. Really? That's his right, but aren't those opposed entitled to their opinion, too?

What if this is just the beginning of governments, at all levels , using this opportunity to change all our legal, social and political traditions. “Covid” protocols have already placed limited or complicated access to town meetings, municipal halls, businesses, and medical personnel. Government has also invoked travel restrictions and regulations, random ‘inspections’ to determine if people are following the rules, and now fines for large gatherings. What's next?

We need to be reminded that freedom and democracy are not guaranteed. Safe guarding against the loss of our freedom lies in critical independent thinking and not blindly following our leaders into an abyss. Democracy is fragile and should not be taken for granted. Defending it is important.

Mary-Anne MacDonald, Summerland

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