Virus vigilance waning

Safeway downtown is responsible for feeding the families of everyone downtown because of limit of shopping options in the area. The stores interest in public health has waxed and waned over the course of the last few months. From single line aisles that most people disregarded, to line ups outside to limit the amount of people in and out, to mandated hand sanitizer which is now just an option, to people pushing and screaming in each others faces, to the varied and incorrect mask use of their employees.

It's a small store with narrow aisles. It's difficult to navigate in non-pandemic times let alone right now. The people who work at that store are having to face every human who walks through the door. Bless them for being willing to or in some cases, having to, do that to keep food on their tables. They are part of the essential front lines that were just as important and worth our concern as they were in March.

Kelowna as a whole can be better, for each other, in turn, for their own families. Watching someone you love die is not something I would wish on anyone but the things you do or do not do, can make that someone's reality or help them avoid it. Please think of people outside of yourself. Everyone has someone they care for or love, think of those people being affected when you take or do not take actions in this pandemic.

Elle Walton

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