Musings on snap election

Looking at the prospect of a snap election this fall is also an invitation to ponder some very significant changes to our federal political landscape leaving voters shaking their heads, wondering who or what to vote for.

COVID-19 allowed Trudeau an opportunity to put literally billions of dollars into the pockets of voters, and merging CERB with a new employment insurance program he skated right past the NDP, to become the leader of a new Socialist Party of Canada.

Jagmeet Singh was going to take our guns, but Trudeau beat him to it, and his ‘I am all here for you’ needs a bit of definition.

That leaves him with the support of organized labour, and maybe a few prairie voters.

Without a clear political path forward a lot of NDP supporters could easily be looking for a new home for their vote.

It’s not a long time ago (2015), that NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair was leading in the polls to form the first ever federal  NDP government.

Today the party could be looking at WEXIT or the EXIT.

And the last time we heard from the Green party the Leader was at an illegal blockade somewhere in far out BC.

The Conservative Party of Canada’s (CPC) current membership also deserves a bit of scrutiny.

When it merged with the Reform/Alliance Party of Canada the membership was almost 250,000, but, with the radical changes in the Alberta oil-patch, and with the newly registered federal party Wexit, it’s anybody’s guess where those former Reformers are going to vote.

The Quebec Bloc Party is only interested in what’s good for Quebec, and between 2010 – 2018 the province received a whopping 144.8 billion dollars in transfer payments.

Trudeau may have scored a lot of political points by allowing his environmental agenda to destroy Alberta’s economy, but it begs the question:

Where will Quebec’s next 144.8 billion-dollar transfer payments come from?

Trudeau and Harper have both used ‘party discipline’ to effectively destroy the integrity of our party structure, producing political chaos never before seen in Canada, and Trudeau denied us a Proportional ballot that would have put an end to that destruction.

It’s incomprehensible that two callous and insensitive politicians have managed to inflict such incredible harm on a beautiful country like Canada, and voters will be challenged like never before.

Andy Thomsen, Kelowna

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