Servers can be rude too

Re: 'We don't make the rules'

We understand that some people dislike the stringent new rules. As the Premier pointed out, if these people take it out on servers, these individuals might be considered "idiots."

However, there are two sides to most stories. We recently ran into a server/host who did not start off the conversation with something along the lines of "hi or welcome " and proceeded to raise her voice at us for not standing exactly on the designated circle. When we followed her to our table she muttered "sit here" and walked off without providing anything more - a server name, menu, etc.

So, although we all shake our heads at those individuals who are blatantly disrespectful to servers. It should be noted that these new rules are not a license for servers to unnecessarily rude to patrons.

Terry Hanley and Tamiko Rogers

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