Avalanche of misinformation

Re: In support of protesters

Brittney just had a letter published where she gives an avalanche of wrong information. 

1. No, masks don't restrict your breathing. There is a video online of someone running a marathon with a mask and showing exactly the same oxygen levels. 

2. A %2 death rate would mean thousands of dead people in Kelowna alone, and hundreds of thousands across Canada. 

3. Mask use can help prevent another lockdown and keep our economy moving despite the danger.

Brittney "refuses to live restricted." That's a stubborn and childish attitude. No-one enjoys this new reality under the threat of COVID, but the adults among us are willing to change a few habits, like wearing a mask, to protect ourselves and our community. It's not brave to ignore the facts, quite the opposite.

What is the point of saying that we "shouldn't" be told to social distance? That same people who cry about their 'freedom' being infringed would be the first to blame the government if their loved-one died of COVID. Your freedom is not being targeted by health authorities doing their job by keeping us informed. 

The protesters should find something better to be angry about, because their rejection of reality (and good medical advice) is really just an immature temper-tantrum inspired by conspiracy theories, ignorance and misinformation.

Marcus Weber

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