In support of protesters

Re: Protest the protesters

I would like to point out yes there is a virus out there, but I will also be the one to tell you it has a 98 percent survival rate! Protesters are not wrong about what is going on. We should not be told to keep a distance from our close friends and family members. We should not have to wear a mask which actually restricts you from getting proper air supply. But hey, if you like inhaling the same thing your body is trying to get rid of when exhaling by all means wear your mask.

I will not sit here and let someone basically make an indirect threat to protesters who are taking a stand for our freedom! This COVID thing is always going to exist it will not just disappear in thin air and I refuse to live restricted like this. If you think for one second that going outside with "COVID" and hugging the protesters will do any good you sir are apart of the problem.

Brittney Van Tol

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