Protest the protesters

I hate how people who have the COVID virus go into public places, but I believe we need an infected person to go find this group of idiots that think the virus is fake and give all the protesters a hug.

If someone has the virus please go into a protest and shake hands with every protester and hug people.

Let's see if the protesters get sick and disappear. See if the protesters believe after they get sick.

Most of us know someone who has it, had it or been tested for it.

To see a protest against this horrible virus makes me sick to my stomach.

I like the idea the Germans have about a COVID party. Maybe Kelowna needs one as well but except like Germany don't ask for volunteers, use the COVID protesters.

Like i said in a previous letter here.

But now directed to the protesters.

Have you been into a business with newly built plexiglas around their cash registers? Do you think the business put up the plexiglas is up for decoration? Do you think business ware masks within their businesses to give mask makers money? 

Protesters... Give your head a shake.

With over seven million people infected in the USA please tell me how the virus is fake.

To the idiot protesters maybe you should protest within the hospital where people with the virus check themselves in. Go there and see if it's real.

Stop protesting over something you know NOTHING about. Because of idiots like you people are going out into the public and making innocent people sick.

Maybe we need a protester group to stop the protesters?

Please everyone stay safe. Wash your hands as often as you can. The sooner we stay safe and away from strangers the sooner the virus will be over.

John Stevenson

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