Skeptical of virus response

So apparently a half of all Canadians are willing to let someone inject a largely untested drug into their blood system, well I wish them luck. Let me state first of all that I am not a COVID denier, it exists and people get sick from it, some older ones even die. Where I differ from mainstream opinion is that we were too quick to shut down the entire country with no real evidence. The problem is that we have a weak government and an even weaker leader who is too susceptible to influence from outside sources.

We have over 2,000 active lobbyists in Ottawa, all of whom have a greater chance of being heard by the Prime Minister than any of us mere citizens. Many of those lobbyists will be from large pharmaceutical companies, which are presently frothing at the mouth at the thought of supplying a vaccine against this terrifying virus. In addition, many decisions that have been made , have been made at the behest of "health experts". These were people who were totally anonymous a year ago, and yet suddenly they are guiding the course of the country with their superior wisdom. The WHO, which is now exposed as being in the pocket of the Chinese government, are supposedly the top health experts in the world, and yet they have supplied contradictory advice from the start.

A top executive of a pharmaceutical company recently stated that it usually took between 10 to 15 years to develop a new vaccine, and yet lo and behold there are at least 12 researchers who claim to have produced a vaccine in 6 months. Well given the amount of money involved I'm sure they would have tried to expedite the research, but is it safe and who wants to be the first to find out? The chances are that, like the flu vaccine, it will only be effective in a percentage of cases.

I also question how deadly this virus is. A large number of those who died had pre-existing health problems. There was an interesting article on the BBC website today regarding deaths in England and Wales from COVID. Let us remember that the UK has seen way more infections and deaths than Canada, but that it also has a similar demographic. These figures were supplied by the government's own Office for National Statistics. I quote:

"Thankfully, there are fewer people dying than you would usually expect for this time of year.

Today’s statistics from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show in the week to 24 July, there were 161 fewer deaths registered in England and Wales than has been the case on average for the last five years.They call that having negative excess deaths. There have now been negative excess deaths overall for six weeks in a row. The ONS also breaks down the deaths by where they occur - there were negative excess deaths in hospitals and care homes.But in private homes, there have been excess deaths every week since the pandemic began. In the week ending 24 July, there were 727 excess deaths in private homes registered, which is more than 100 a day.

What this means is that while we are seeing fewer deaths than you would expect to see in hospitals and care homes, there are considerably more people dying at home than you would expect."

I wonder when StatsCan is going to supply us with figures for Canada. I wouldn't mind betting that, whilst hospital beds sat largely unused, a greater number of people died at home, either because they were reluctant to see a doctor or because they had been terrified into not going to a hospital.

Since the government has virtually bankrupted this country I think we are entitled to know whether it was in a good cause or not.

Peter Emery

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