Planters over barriers

I would like to suggest that for next year at least, if we continue to close Bernard St. to vehicle traffic (I sure hope we do) in the summer months, I am asking City Works to please replace the unwelcoming cement road barriers with the beautiful traffic island planters we have at major intersections.  

The planters would make the downtown experience much more inviting. Thus, all the planters along main street traffic islands should be replaced with full length traffic barriers that we now are using downtown. As for the safety of pedestrians walking and considering some terrorist event using a vehicle, I believe the planters are as good deterrent and safety measure as the  present cement barriers. 

Driving public will already notice the planters are being used as garbage cans and are doing a poor job of deterring panhandling.  Also,  not only will the cost and safety to maintain planters be less if placed in the downtown area, the planters will add life and beauty. As for the planter replacements to deter panhandling, simple put the road barriers in their place. 

If some feel that this is too unsightly, then I suggest we have local artist paint each barrier  with a certain theme for each intersection. We have some very talented artist in Kelowna so I think the city would see some real beautiful paintings to look at instead of beautiful planters being abused. Just keep the commercial aspect out of the mix, we all know how the Pattison Company has managed to destroy the beautiful approach to our wonderful city with those ugly billboards.

Stay safe and be strong.

Roberto Basso

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