Unscheduled but routine

Re: Unscheduled landing

It happens just about every time a hot air balloon lands somewhere out of the ordinary, there is at least one person who knows everything. Steve Wraith knew exactly why that balloon had to land. It was because the outside air and the air inside the balloon had almost the same temperature. What a bunch of BS.

The reasons the balloons are up that early is because the air is still relatively cool and they do not need as much fuel to go up. The air inside the balloon is way hotter than the outside air and if they wanted to, they could go up in the afternoon as well, however, they would use way more propane and on top of it the ride would not be as smooth as in the early morning.

I have been up dozens of time down in Albuquerque and we landed just about anywhere, desert field, on a road, on a parking lot, in residential areas - nobody cares. They come out and help to pack up and that's it. So if you don't know better, just keep the comments to yourself

Roger von Dach, Kelowna

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