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Re: Poll: virus cluster response

I am completely shocked that not one person in our government leaders local and provincial did not see this coming. What did they think was going to happen. We have a pandemic and everyone from any province can come here but we are (once we hit phase 3) only permitted to travel our own province.

Again a substandard policy that restricts locals but not those that come here from anywhere. Another show if if you squeak, you get what you want.

People are pissed off and scared as if a second wave hits (as is inevitable now to be worse than the first) that not only will we be restricted to home again, but our local business owners may not ever open again.

The federal and provincial governments have spoiled all of these entitled, ribbon deserving young people and the rest of us have to pay the piper. I am just tired of paying for all this as a tax payer I am more than pissed off. 

Go ahead and buy votes in the end thats exactly what its about! I will not vote again for any of these idiots with complete disrespect for the actual tax payers. Done with not just the province but the country as a whole. If they think Americans want to move here, just wait for for the Canexit!

Colleen Reynolds

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