Anger misdirected

Re: We must do our part

I agree entirely with Brian Godfried’s letter concerning the COVID outbreak here in Kelowna.

I have been finding myself shaking my head in disbelief at the misdirected anger. The intention was never to have us locked down until the virus is gone, which I have read, may never happen. It may be with us forever.

Locking society up forever is not possible. Who knows how long before a vaccine is found? Nobody knows this. A lot of guessing and predictions at this point in time. The reopening of the economy in small steps had to happen. You can’t shut down the world forever. The original lock down, if you cared to inform yourselves, was to keep the contact spread low to prevent the health system from being overwhelmed and we accomplished that in spades.

Your blame and anger should be directed at the people that aren’t following the COVID guidelines. Nobody else. There are too many selfish people in this world that can’t see beyond themselves. This is not the time to be having large gatherings. You can have a social life but keep your social bubbles small. Is that too much to ask? It appears to be. If everyone did their part and followed the guidelines, this virus is controllable and that’s the best we can do right now.

N. Brown, Kelowna

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