City partly to blame

Re: Stop blaming the gov't

In response to the letter that stated we should not hold council responsible for the increase in local Covid numbers, I say they are partly to blame.

Council approves tax dollars to support tourism in the Okanagan to our detriment. Locals were finally given a chance to enjoy our beaches and other amenities without having to fight the crowds of tourists, but the tourism council said it was not good enough because locals don’t spend as much as a tourist.

How is that greed going to help you come this winter when it is only the locals you have to support your businesses. The same locals who were not good enough to support your business this summer. If the city is going to promote tourism they, should also be held somewhat responsible for how that is done in these scary times.

To throw up their hands and say not my problem is irresponsible. They are elected to have our best interests at heart so they should uphold the rules of a safe economy. It's like giving a driver a licence without making sure they can drive. The businesses are also responsible for a safe environment. They should be strict enough to say if you don’t like our rules there is the door. Don’t be a pushover. Your house your rules. Its your livelihood you are protecting.

Mike Braun

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