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Re: Horgan: change to BC plates

Premier Horgan advises drivers with non B.C. plates, the vast majority who are here from other provinces, to take the bus or ride a bike or change your plates (who changes plates visiting another province?) to avoid being verbally harassed or assaulted!

Really Mr Premier! If I didn’t see that our own Premier Horgan made this remark I would have assumed it was said by the current POTUS. By not addressing this harassment properly Premier Horgan you are  not sending the message that we as a province are not OK with this profiling and judgement of people from other provinces.

Analogies might include the following examples, if you are uncomfortable for being harassed for being too gay then you should just make yourself appear to be a little more straight. Or if women don’t appreciate men cat calling or making inappropriate sexual comments then maybe they should dress more appropriately. Horgan’s comment is in essence saying to anyone who is harassed for any number of reasons, perhaps you need to change your behaviour. This is an unacceptable response from the leader of our province, it is a response that in essence is giving the harassers permission without tacitly saying that it is OK.

A more responsible reaction from our government would be to call this behaviour out as completely unacceptable behaviour that is not condoned or even tolerated in this province. Instead visitors are hearing if you don’t like how you are being treated, well, hide your identity somehow because there is nothing I can do about how you are being treated.

No, Mr Premier you are correct, you can’t control what people say, but you can speak to the unacceptable behaviour and call it out for what it is!

People from other provinces are here for a wide variety of reasons, some of which include visiting family that they haven’t been able to see for several months, registering for colleges and universities, many are actually working here particularly in construction jobs and yes some are here vacationing because they are allowed to, the provincial borders are not closed!

Dyan Burnell

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