Booze in parks a bad idea

I've been noticing numerous articles regarding the approval of alcohol consumption in public parks in various locations around the province.  While I realize this has been occurring on the sly forever in the past by those who apparently require "self-medicating" in order to relax and interact with others of the human species — particularly speaking to members of the oppose sex — making it legal is only going to significantly contribute to the degradation of our public spaces and the enjoyment of the outdoors by many. 

Do the officials who have the power to change the rules actually believe that the public, in general and over all, have the group intelligence to actually consume booze responsibly — hahaha, please! I can already see the increase in garbage and trash left by the increase in inhibition, let alone the increase in offensive language, arguments, voice volume and fist fights.

Do they actually dreamily envision a sweet young couple sipping a glass of wine in the shade of a maple tree? 

While I'm sure that scenario will occur, do they not see the reality of the big picture?

Is there a reason people apparently require drugs, in one form or another, in order to enjoy the outdoors? As we are witnessing all around us, everyday, Mother Nature is disgustedly shaking her head in utter disappointment and is in the process of "flushing the toilet".

John B. Collinson

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