Stop blaming the gov't

All I see lately is Basran shouldn't be in charge of the decision of Kelowna.

Same with all the negative words to Trudeau and Horgan.

Someone please explain to me how the government is at fault for sick people not staying home?

The people complaining about our government do you understand the stress they go through because of the virus?

Businesses get upset because the government says you have to stay closed through this pandemic and have to lose so much income during the shutting down.

Businesses say they may have to file for bankruptcy because they can't pay their rent, taxes or whatever other bills they have running a business.

Kelowna went into total lockdown. Kelowna only went out into public areas when absolutely necessary. The people of Kelowna did whatever needed to be done to stop the spread on COVID-19 and over three months Kelowna STOPPED the spread.

Kelowna went weeks without a case of COVID-19, so after months of businesses saying they are losing money and in fear for local businesses, Mayor Basran decided to start phase one of slowly opening businesses. As Kelowna continued to improve Mayor Basran went into the next phase and allowed more businesses to open, on behalf of the city of Kelowna's request. Public businesses followed the guidelines of reopening and businesses got back to normal. It was the people of Kelowna that didn't follow the guidelines. It was the sick people of Kelowna that felt invincible and went into public venues causing the new COVID-19 outbreak and not any of the government's fault. 

I don't believe in some of the government's decision's regarding COVID-19 but it isn't always their fault. Our government is a lot better than most country's around the world and i believe they try their best to do what the people ask.

So in my opinion don't blame the government for the mistake of infected people who are going stir crazy staying home. It isn't the government that is spreading COVID-19 it is the infected people spreading COVID-19.

Lets thank the government for a little extra income during this time of crisis and when Kelowna and the world is safe then let us show the world why Kelowna is the tourist capital of B.C. and show our support to local businesses.

Unfortunately the businesses will have to go back to delivery, curbside and so on.

I do feel sorry for the businesses who don't have the option for delivery, like pubs, gym's and so on. But the sooner Kelowna gets back to ZERO infected people the rest of the world will follow and hopefully our lives get back to whatever normal is.

Stay safe people of Kelowna.

Keep smiling and wash your hands. If you are gonna say hi to a friend do it from a distance. Use your phone.

Lets make Kelowna safe again.

John Stevenson

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