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Re: Why bother calling RCMP

Here is an idea: get off your couch, be a man, walk next door and talk to your neighbour yourself and ask him to turn down the music. The police are already burdened with too many tasks that waste their own time, not to mention the general public's tax dollars.

If you simply spoke to your neighbour, like people used to do in the good old days, and you get assaulted in the process, then call the police, as that is a crime. The police should ONLY be called to actual crimes they can investigate and do something about. The police are not mental health professionals, they are not psychologists, they should not be called to loud music complaints, my neighbour's dog is barking or I didn't get sauce on the burger I ordered.

I doubt you or anyone else, me included, knows enough about the "yanking on a victim's arm" to armchair quarterback any situation where you don't know what happened in the apartment. They are the only people running into the gun fight while everyone else is running away, and I'm thankful they choose to do so. Yet keyboard warriors still feel it's necessary to bash the police for doing every little job most people are too lazy to do themselves.

It's a completely thankless job that even after stopping a mass shooter in Penticton and Nova Scotia, people in the public still find a way to say they didn't do enough. Yet no one else is willing to step up. And if you seriously think private police is the way to go, good call, they will only show up to a call that will make them money. I would bet this police officer didn't do anything the second time because they were dealing with an actual crime against a person or business. 

Ashley Depres

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