Seven incredible people

I wanted to write this to say thank you to the seven incredible people that helped me on Knox last week.

On June 27th I took Pauls Tomb from the back side of Knox in hopes I would get a good hike in for the day.

Little did I know my blood sugar was getting dangerously low and I was brushing off the warning signs as ‘all in my head’ Halfway up Pauls tomb the shakes, confusion and panic set in and I knew I was in serious trouble. Barely making it down to the bottom trail, I managed to drag myself to the sitting bench where I tried to focus on staying conscious.
To the family of four visiting from Vancouver, thank you so so much for stopping and checking on my wellness and not leaving me and seeing I was in distress.

You walked with me all the way to your car and even drove me in your own car back to mine. Your parents gave up their seat and walked, I have not seen kindness like that in a long time.
Thank you to the young girl with the small Italian greyhound, you stayed with us as well and asked people passing by for sugar and even offered to walk me all the way to my car.
Thank you to the two hikers who amazingly kept peach candies in your backpacks. The granola bar and candies definitely woke me up.
I would have had a different ending had these seven people not offered me their water, food, transportation and company to get me from point A to B.
Especially in these times, kindness and help does not go unnoticed.  I will from now on be more prepared on hikes as I have learned a huge lesson from this experience.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Crystal MacGregor

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