Trees should be saved

The Park behind 6th Avenue is going to be assaulted and raped by the city representatives (mayor, councillors, employees, contractors). Mature healthy trees will be cut to connect both Ponderosa arid Trepanier Water systems to which we have no objections.

A petition was started and after four days, 39 taxpayers/residents of Peachland signed it to show their opposition and displeasure to the destruction of these trees that are on the edge of the park.

We needed help to present our petition to the Council on June 23. So, we enlisted the help of Mr. John Youngblut who is very knowledgeable in municipal matters and is also a member of the Peachland Water Protection Alliance. John is a very dedicated person who spend countless time and efforts to save our water and trees for the posterity. We are thankful to him as well as the PWPA that lends its support to our fight to have decent green spaces around us. Myself and some of our neighbours intend to join this great Association that vouch for the wellbeing of the community. We should support it by becoming members.

Our petition was presented to the council and even if there is an alternative to the path chosen by the City the Council decided to proceed with their plan. lt is fair to say that nobody from the council lives near 6th Avenue and are not affected by their decision!

Louise Williams, Peachland

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