Why bother calling RCMP

I recently called bylaw after hours about a noise complaint. Their voice message says to call, non emergency, RCMP. So i called the RCMP. I told him about a loud stereo, after 11:00 p.m., I gave address and so on. He informed me someone would go to the address. I see the police car, with my lights off i stand at my door and listen. The police officer clearly heard the loud stereo as he got out of his car. After a few minutes of him pounding on the door it opened. I clearly heard the police officer give a warning? Then he left.

The neighbour stood at his door and watched the police officer drive away. Once the police officer was out of site the neighbour went back inside and turned his stereo back up. Within a few minutes my phone rang, it was the RCMP telling me he asked the neighbour to turn the stereo down and said it was a warning. I walked to my door and as i did i told him about the neighbour watching him drive away and turning the stereo back up. I stood at my dark door and let him listen. He said he would go back to the loud address and never did.
What is the point in calling the RCMP when they don't do anything? 

Is the new and improved RCMP more into learning how to punch people and put their knee or foot on someones head while yanking on the victims arm?

I vote in private policing.

John Stevenson

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