Shelter should be opposed

Re: Thankful just to have a bed

The world never lacks for challenges as we humans navigate our journey on this lovely planet. The recent pandemic has certainly cultivated many of these, while at the same time, renewed people's sense of community, and the collective need to stay safe. 

Safety: it is on the minds of everyone and is certainly the message repeated daily from the medical community as well as our elected officials. So why is it then, that the safety of a community, with daycares and schools in the hub, is being compromised by the placement of a homeless shelter in West Kelowna? 

A shelter that is largely unsupervised and actively promotes drug use? The people in the neighbourhood of the Super 8 homeless shelter, are not only baffled at the blatant disregard for the safety of the community, but incensed that there was no consultation; BC Housing and various other government agents quietly arranged the leasing of 40 rooms to house the homeless. 

This is not solving the homeless problem - it is condoning drug use and creating an unsafe community - robberies are already on the rise, and what is worse, children are being exposed to the effects of mental illness and drug addiction, while walking to school and/or playing in their backyard. Yes, safe communities ensure healthy families, so why is the safety of many being compromised for the needs of the few?  There are other alternatives, and let's face it - more measures needed to solve the homeless issue. 

Make your voice heard, sign the petition and remind Government officials what their job is, and placing a community at risk is certainly not one of them.  

Verna Duckworth

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