RCMP need to change

Open Letter to Mayor Basran and Kelowna City council, 

As you ask for the RCMP to investigate themselves in the latest incidents of police brutality and call for transparency ask yourselves what tangible actions you can take to rectify the situation here in Kelowna. 

Mayor Basran says he believes the latest video "underscores a need for the city and RCMP to look at how mental health calls are dealt with."

He then goes on to call for an expansion of the RCMP. 

Is that really the best way to move forward? Or is it time we as a city and as a society accept once and for all that armed police officers are not the best option to be dealing with mental health issues? 

The videos are concerning, but there isn't a systemic problem within the local detachment. Really?

Does 40% unfounded ring any bells?

The Kelowna RCMP are steeped in systemic injustice. They have been allowed to continue along because no one has ever called them out. 

Does anyone on Kelowna City Council have any strength of conviction to say anything? I ask them to and I'm greeted with silence. Why?

We are at the point where losing your voting base isn't a good enough excuse. 

The Kelowna RCMP need to change. The Mayor and Kelowna City Council have some power to impact that change. Start holding them accountable. Start with the people in power here.

Heather Friesen

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