Something is amiss

I was born in 1939, the month that WW2 commenced. As a child, I did not understand what war really was about.   

As I grew through pre-teen and early teens, war was a constant topic because everyone’s freedom had been on the line. War was about keeping freedom! 

We knew that we had all come dangerously close to losing our freedoms because of a madman named ‘Hitler’ who caused the deaths of millions of people who defended their lands, their houses, their wives and their children, their freedom, their religion, their rights and privileges –  that these might be preserved.    

One man – Hitler – a power hungry socialist dictator and psychopath wanted to overpower many nations, make them ‘one nation’ and create a ‘perfect’ race that he would govern.   

He almost succeeded to achieve his demonist plan using gun control, media control, secret police, strikes, anarchy, violence, brutal force and untold deception and lies. 

We learned that one does not go to sleep with any government one elects, especially when that government advocates the same perpetuated lies of old, that it will provide you with everything you need. It never does. 

It taxes you excessively to control you and deceptively takes away your freedoms (by changing laws), your money, your guns and your rights.    

Free people must defend themselves and their families against insurgents, enemies from within or without their borders, who design to take away their freedoms by stratagem.   

Most of us want only to have a happy family, food on the table, available work to pay for needs and recreation, and law and order on our streets.    

When bullies and insurgents cause chaos, burn down businesses, loot stores, take over blocks of streets, beat and kill honest law enforcement officers, demand ‘rights’ to control citizens and use weapons to do so, they create deception and lies to accomplish their goals. Know that something is amiss.  

When elected government stops reporting accountability to its citizens by controlling the media and closing off parliamentary discussion in a democratic society, know that something is amiss.   

When government praises dictatorships and condemns those that built the nation and gave its citizens freedom, know that something is amiss. 

When government wants open borders, gun bans and unlimited spending without accountability, you can be assured that something is amiss in that government.     

Do your part to speak out loud and demand government accountability.  

Garry Rayner

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