PM's obsession with guns

If Trudeau is trying to showcase his artistic credentials, by creating another one of those gut-wrenching afternoon political ‘soaps’, and if he were to call it ‘Who Gets the Most’, he might just be on the right track.

Grabbing literally millions of firearms from an unsuspecting populace, and without due process, has to be considered an unprecedented class act.

Insisting it was borne out of a desperate need to improve public safety has been proven bogus, as he has done absolutely nothing to stop the flow of illegal firearms into our country, and criminals are still walking our streets, armed.

To try and understand Trudeau’s obsession with firearms, perusing the status of ownerships in other countries for clues that might cause so much concern produces no results.

While there are only three countries that consider gun ownership a constitutional right, more than 175 countries allow their citizens to own firearms, many with some restrictions.

In Russia, a first-time owner would be allowed to own up to five shotguns, after five years of ownership, and then up to five rifles after another five years of ownership.

They could all be semi-automatic, and with magazine capacities pinned at ten cartridges.

There are only two countries in the whole world where guns are banned:

Countries like Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, and other NATO member countries have some kind of civil defence systems, made up of private citizens and current and retired service people who are long-term, seasoned, and safe owners and users of firearms.

Proposing to spend billions of dollars to try and buy all our firearms makes absolutely no sense, and for more than one reason:

There are about 2.3 million registered gun owners in Canada, and many of them will have as many as five firearms.

Then there are all those firearms that have been buried over the years.

They could easily double that number.

How about the cost of closing down and disposing of the assets of those gun shops, ammo included?

As of June 4th this year, CERB has paid out $43.51 billion to 8.41 million people. That’s almost 25% of Canadians getting this handout – without applying a means test to determine if any of those people really and desperately need this money.

An extra 17.9 billion dollars for extending those CERB benefits will put an incredible strain on the federal Treasurer, and our Canada Pension Plan (CPP) is the only pool of money left for Trudeau to draw that money from!

Andy Thomsen, Kelowna

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