Letter: Looting not the answer

Looting not the answer

In my opinion the looting and riots caused by the police officer who had his knee on the neck of a black man who died had absolutely nothing to do with the rioting in US cities but everything to do with an excuse to break windows of innocent businesses to get a new large screen TV for free.

Hey, another black man got killed by police, time for an upgrade and no danger of being caught because they are “protesting”

Sadly there is too much racism in both the USA and Canada that appears monthly. Why would a man's skin colour determine how he is treated? Since the slaves were introduced to the United States the white population has deemed the blacks to be inferior. Sadly in some minds they still are.

This does not give the protesters a free pass to torch cars, break into businesses and steal goods. It’s an excuse. They should be brought to justice not ignored because ignoring them embolden them. Is that what we want?

Robert Hepting

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