Letter: We're luck to have Bonnie

We're lucky to have Bonnie

Dr. Bonnie Henry, the Public Health Officer in British Columbia, has become a beacon for us in BC. Unassuming in manner, she is powerful in presence. Her voice, soft but clear, is kind and calm and safe—the qualities she coaches.

Dr. Henry asks for our trust, but not blind trust. Schooled in previous pandemics, she has assessed when to go hard and when to go soft. The shutdown she ordered was not so drastic as in many other jurisdictions. Towards people who flouted safety rules, she urged tolerance. “Be kind” is always her message.

Many factors go into management of a pandemic. Leadership is one of the most important. The virus has frightened us all very badly. We need someone who revives in us the feeling of safety.

In emergencies, good leadership is crucial. But good leaders do not always emerge.

Gary Willis

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