Letter: Gas gouging goes on

Gas gouging goes on

Re: Economy worst in decade

This is not surprising news. The entire globe has been affected by this virus and the games being played by Saudi Arabia and Russia in regards to world oil prices. This unprecedented time has affected everyone one way or another. Everyone except the greedy Canadian gasoline companies.

I can't wait to hear how Dan Mctegue justifies this. His lame excuse in the past has always supported the supply and demand business model. That excuse doesn't fly anymore. I'm mad as hell at the entire system from government to gas station owners. I contacted John Farnworth about this obvious price gouging because he introduced law to fight profiteering during this pandemic, but that was as effective as a fart in the wind.

In fact, the price at the pumps increased to $114.9 yesterday for no reason at all. We can't even count on our elected politicians to do the right thing. What a waste of money they are.

Mike Bell, Kelowna

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