Letter: Respect goes both ways

Respect goes both ways

Re: Apology over cabin rant

Roger Dunkley  has had a day or two to think about his words. His impassioned letter essentially scolding and berating insensitive British Columbians was intended to make a point and it looks as though it did.

An excerpt:

"Words and actions have consequences, and these are the consequences of your insulting and thoughtless words." (in reference to his saying that he would bring all his own supplies and not buy anything here other than gas).

Yes they do. They most certainly do.

His takeaway from RD Chair Kevin Flynn's letter asking people to forgo unnecessary travel was that BC was disrespecting Albertans, again.

Boy, talk about sensitive. I guess through all of his anger he was forgetting that we are in the midst of a viral pandemic of global proportions. 

Maybe it isn't as big a problem in Alberta as it is here? Nope, that doesn't sound right.

Alberta has been hit and hit hard. Maybe that's why he wants to come here. Because it's safer than being at home? Likely.

He all but comes right out and says "us Albertans have been carrying you lazy pot smokin BCers for years and this is the thanks we get"?

The more he writes, the more he sounded like a petulant child who has just been told he can't have dessert.

I get his frustration though; it must be hard to live in winter conditions ten months out of the year all the while pining for that little cabin on the lake in that Province over yonder where the summer's are long and the nights are hot and the lakes are actual, real, mother nature made bodies of water.

He did however see the error of his ways and he cooled off a bit but I think he still feels as though he and the rest of the crew were dissed.

As a British Columbian, born and mostly raised, I apologize to any Albertans who have suffered the actions of some of BCs finest knuckle dragging mouth breathers who think it's funny to damage cars or trailers or whatever. Or even to just disrespect people because of the colour of their plates.

We do welcome you and your money. Especially your money because that is what drives most of the Southern Interior.

A couple things to leave on; please try to understand that these are not normal times and even BCers who own summer properties in the Salmon Arm/Shuswap area are staying home. Because that is the responsible thing to do. For all of us.

Lastly, if you want to know why there is maybe just the tiniest bit of animosity toward, lets just say "out of towners" and not pick on any one province (you know who you are Saskatchewan and sometimes Manitoba) maybe ask your jacked up, tractor tired, diesel spewing, truck driving, boat and trailer dragging, yahoo third cousins on yo mommas side to not act like this is their personal, private party town.

A little respect goes both ways and a long ways.

Peter Haslock, West Kelowna

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