Letter: Don't call us ignorant

Don't call us ignorant

Re: Show me the proof

The writer of "Show me the proof" did not take the time to travel to the North End to educate herself on any existing proof and testimonials of our residents. If she had, I am positive she would have written a different response to ‘Neighbourhood Crime is Up’. Or, most likely, none at all.

I would never speculate on someone else’s neighbourhood and I certainly would not infer that those residents are "thieves amongst themselves," unless I had done some fact checking first. I would certainly not refer to them as being ignorant.

But now, through those thoughtless editorial ramblings I do have to ask this question:

“Where we have proof and the writer of ‘Show me the proof’ only has speculation, I wonder who is showing their ignorance now?

Patti Suarez, Kelowna

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