Letters: Thoughts on masks in public

Thoughts on masks in public

Re: Do you wear a mask?

It is unbelievable how we were originally led to believe that non-medical face masks were largely ineffective. Suddenly they are a must should we dare to venture outside. I'm fast becoming concerned and afraid that some of our top advisors in the medical profession don't want this pandemic thing to end as they have become full of their own self-importance. That's how it seems to me anyway?

Pete Wenham, West Kelowna 


I just watched your video of interviews on the streets, asking people about masks. Can someone please emphasize again that wearing a cloth or non-medical mask is to protect OTHERS, not yourself.

 Some of the people that you talked to clearly were only thinking of their own needs or preferences. But remember "We're all in this together!". Defeating COVID-19 requires all of us to continue with proper procedures - otherwise, it will just keep circling around and coming back to bite us again.

Carol Drury


Yes. 40% of people with COVID-19 show no symptoms. Wearing a mask is more about protecting other people than yourself. If everyone wore one and continued to wash their hands and social distance, it would sure go a long way towards getting rid of this disease!

Debbie Spears


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