Gun ban is a joke

What an absolute joke, the banning of assault rifles that is.  Why do we insist on punishing the law-abiding citizens and let the criminals off the hook?  The argument of “what do you need an assault rifle for” is weak at best.

If I can provide a few analogies, why do we need Ferraris, Lamborghinis and or any other supercar?  These vehicles serve one purpose only, to go very fast, some even 3-4 times the maximum speed limit and endanger people’s lives.

Why do some knife shops sell swords?  What exactly is their purpose, if not for killing? I could go on and on, but I think you get the gist.

Below is a Ruger SR-556 which is now illegal:

This rifle the SKS is still legal:

This is clearly a political move only as both above weapons are capable of mass killing in a deviant’s hands.  Another example of how our government is clueless. Any weapon in the wrong persons hands is a danger, perhaps we should improve the background criminal and mental health checks along with more intense training before the knee jerk reaction of taking our rights away?

James Anderson, Kelowna

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