Letter: Be kind to others

Be kind to others

I read Howie Hewgill's letter in which he points out that a lot of what he, and the rest of us for that matter, are reading and most importantly, how negative a lot of it is.

It's not hard to understand that people are frightened and often, where there is fear, there is anger and it is, for some, natural to want to lay blame, point fingers or generally criticize those who are at the forefront of the situation because that's who they see.

Anger and frustration though are the real enemy here. Nothing positive comes from negative emotion. 

We are going to get through this. we are going to be changed because of it in differing ways spending on our circumstance but we will get through it.

Try to imagine the concern being felt by front line workers. Those who are standing tall to ensure that essential services are still available. 

When you are at the grocery store, maybe say an extra thank you to the cashier who is bravely working for you in that moment. Or the stock person who is diligently trying to keep the shelves full.

The doctors and nurses who are  operating on fumes. They are being faced with scared and angry people who are looking for someone to step up and make it all better but getting frustrated with them because you aren't being seen quickly enough or not getting whatever it is that you feel entitled to isn't helping either them or you.

There are countless examples of people stepping up to help out and if you take the time to see them, you can't help but feel better, even if just a little.

Breweries and distilleries making hand sanitizer. Vets seeing animals outside on the side walk. Businesses who are retooling to try and meet the needs of the community.

Restaurants making home deliveries. Seniors homes whose staff are doing everything they can to ensure that our elder citizens are being looked after in every way possible while keeping them and us safe.

Neighbours picking up supplies for those who are quarantined or who simply can't get out to replenish supplies.

Disaster always seems to bring out the best and the worst in people but if we choose to focus on the positive and the good, we all benefit.

The saying that "by taking care of ourselves, we take care of others" has never been more on point than it is now. 

Take a look in the mirror and smile at yourself. When you get it right, take that smile to the window or to your front yard or to the grocery store and share it with all of us.

I promise, if you smile at me, I will smile right back.

Thank you to our first responders. Our doctors and nurses. Our police. Our grocery store workers. Our care aides. Our governmental officials. (they may not always get it right but they are working tirelessly to try and get it right). Our service providers, truck drivers who are working around the clock to make sure we have the essentials.

There are countless more and they all need uplifting and support from all of us so lets make sure they know how much we appreciate them.

And a special thank you to Bonnie Henry. She is a warrior.

Peter Haslock

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