Letter: COVID-19 craziness

COVID-19 craziness

It strikes fear and panic in the hearts of otherwise sensible people. It brings out the greed, and me-first attitude that is sadly becoming the norm in our society.

Let's be honest.

The vast majority of the people who read this, and contract this virus, will never know they have it. They are asymptomatic, but still contagious. 

The rest of the infected people get sick. They do not fall over dead in the street, they get ill, and if already compromised by other illnesses, may well die from it.

Everyone else recovers, as they would from the flu, and life goes on.

This is where it gets weird. 

The average citizen is not going to die, or even get sick from this. You are, however, in a position to either help, or kill others. By ignoring instructions, especially as they relate to the elderly, hoarding, and literally fighting your fellow citizens for resources, you have become the problem! 

I would far sooner share my home with a person with the virus, than one who feels that he is so entitled that he buys up the entire supply of meat, or toilet paper at the community grocery store.

We are in this together, like it or not. Viruses have no idea if you are richer, or prettier, or better connected than me.

Smarten up people! At the end of the day you will not be judged on how well you treated yourself, but rather how well you treated others! Be kind to your neighbours. Think before you act. Remember that we we are a community, not a life support system for you!

Harsh as it sounds, our community will be here long after you and COVID have faded from memory, what will you be remembered for?

Bruce Buchstein

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