Letter: Gouged on gas prices

Gouged on gas prices

The other day when it was announced on the local news stations that local gas stations were gouging the consumer for every litre of gas, and that they were making in excess 25 to 30 cents a litre, the price all of a sudden dropped to a $1.09 per litre.

Now almost over night it has dropped again to $1.00. Between the gas stations, the fuel distributor in Kamloops and the oil companies, we here in the valley have been extorted for the past several years.

Today's price in London Ontario is $0.65 a litre. This is not an uncommon practice for the gas stations there as the gas price changes daily and seldom goes beyond a $1.05 litre.

It is most strange how there can be so big of a disparity in prices. It surely is now obvious that the price did not contain large amounts of tax as has been stated many times, for the government as far as I know has not announced any reduction in tax applied to the fuel.

So that just leaves the greedy fuel distributor, gas station owner and the oil companies fixing the price of gas through out the Okanagan Valley, or at least allowing it to be fixed.

I realize the government has a lot on its hands right now with the virus, however when it is over I believe they need to stop pussy footing around and start walking with a big stick.

Ian MacLean

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