Letter: Positive mindset required

Positive mindset required

These are extraordinary times we are living in right now. It will require all people to get on board and stay at home, self isolate/quarantine and practice social distancing.

It will also require a positive mindset.

When I read many of the letters to the Castanet editor they are filled with hate and negativity. 

It's OK to disagree with political leaders and parties but to use hate letters with derogatory terms to fulfill a political agenda is not OK right now or ever. 

I've come to realize there are many older hardcore Conservatives living in the Okanagan many of which are former Albertans that have moved here. And why not, it is a beautiful place with many great things to do.

Instead of purporting hate, let's celebrate all the great people in the Okanagan who our helping us thru this chaos. Like the health workers, all emergency workers, truck drivers, grocery store workers and all workers deemed essential so we can get thru the pandemic.

They need our support and gratitude. Don't give into the hate, be a positive influence and help where you can.

Howie Hewgill

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