Letter: What a dangerous game

What a dangerous game

Inundated we are with COVID 19.  Information is non-stop as things continue to evolve.  Told by Justin we have to take responsibility to practice social distance and heed to the advice from public health officials/authorities. Justin talks about uncertain times and how we have to look after one another as he announces a huge compensation package.  

What I would like to know is why Justin wants to continue to play this dangerous game of Russian roulette?  We were told the "risk is low." If it was so low then why are other countries closing their borders as death tolls rise?    

These decisions took too long to make and now look!

I just don't understand why the federal government continues to play Russian roulette with our country and our lives and does not close our borders like so many other countries have had to do now?  Closing now because they listened as we were told 'the risk is low.' Really? 

The risk was low, but now because of inaction that is no longer the case.  Shut er down Justin! 

Who exactly are you trying to protect? They say it is only going to get worse — is it because our governments are afraid to do a hard close?  We can't afford to have a weak kneed-leader. Drastic times call for drastic measures and both provincial and federal governments are guilty of not taking this seriously.  Perhaps it is because they are starting to back pedal because they have been lying to us for awhile now but they are now knowing what crow tastes like?

Darlene Stewart

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