Letter: Thoughts from Costa Rica

Thoughts from Costa Rica

I am a Canadian from Kelowna, I am in Costa Rica, currently self isolating. I got out of Panama hours before the borders shut and pretty happy about it. 

I want to share a few observations, watching different countries, cultures, and governments deal with the issues we are all facing.

Panama started off by denying any cases of COVID-19 , while so many neighbouring countries were reporting they were being affected. People went on with their lives like they would escape it. Then people died. The government came out and said yes it is here and there are deaths. People went crazy. From a position of safety to all out panic! I watched a number of twitter feeds from Panama, as well as some from Costa Rica, the difference was huge. Costa Rica was open and transparent and informative. People seemed calm, respectful and willing to do what it takes. 

The reason I am relaying this is, I of course, at the same time am watching Canada, BC, and Kelowna, It is so interesting, watching people go through the same emotions, denial that it will have any bearing on their lives, some feeling everyone is overreacting, some panicked.

Panama has initiated curfews from 8 pm until 5 am. Everything except essential services are shut down. Boarders shut etc.

Costa Rica has done the same without curfews and everything shut but most things are closed and self isolation is being widely adhered to.

Now I see Canada and what is being implemented, it seems like a two week time delay from what I have seen. 

Wherever you sit on this; health issue, economic issue, government can’t tell me what to do, government should send army in — it doesn’t matter. You will end up in the same position, you will shut everything down, you will self isolate, the world will stop. Fighting it doesn’t help. Whether it is warranted or not, it doesn’t matter. This has taken on a life of its own, and until it’s over, nothing will return to any kind of normalcy.

You would be hard pressed to find someone that dislikes the three headed monster of government that Canada, BC and Kelowna has right now more than me, so I would like to make a suggestion. 

Self isolate before Horgan forces you ( it will feel better).

The government is too weak to force the population to do what it takes, so you will have to do it yourselves.

Take the two weeks and consider it the world’s or your own personal reboot of your lives. Make the best of it and don’t fight it.

Financially this has been and will be absolutely devastating, some will not recover, some people here as well as in Canada live day to day, some will starve. 

Just do what you have to so we can end this.

Brad AIrey 

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