New Rockies route benefits

Just looking at the old Howse Pass idea. We seem to be missing one of the biggest points to consider. Anyone going to or from central Alberta, Saskatchewan and central or northern Manitoba from Vancouver and south-central B.C. funnel into the existing Highway 16 then 5 (northern route) or Highway 1 (southern route). 

If this proposed highway will save 75 kilometres (conservative) off every semi, tourist and family trip; just think of the carbon emissions and petroleum it will save today and forever. 

If you look at how many miles Highway 1 runs with its animal fencing, the length of the Banff park to get through to B.C. Why, well make no mistake the Howse Pass was never developed because Banff and Jasper tourism owners wanted the traffic to go through their towns. 

The Lake Louise to Field to Golden highway has a lot more limitations than the proposed Howse Pass. So let’s think about this before we let too many people with a self serving purpose kill it again.

Al Paterson

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