ICBC changes a good move

I applaud and welcome the B.C. government's decision to make necessary changes to ICBC. When you think about it, what is the logical connection between me breaking my wrist in an auto accident and receiving $3,300 for myself and $2,200 for my lawyer? There is none. 

There is, however, a real connection when I receive $1,000 for medical expenses and $2,000 for lost wages. And the taxpayer just saved $2,500. The lawyer does not receive her or his cut for their assistant doing a couple hours of work. The legal profession needs to change with the times just like the rest of us.  

The planned ICBC changes will also save huge amounts of money by removing the incentive for the fraudsters. After all, how can you claim lost wages when your job is being a criminal? I am hopeful the government will have the courage to further demonstrate their commitment to fiscal responsibility by also trimming the unnecessary fat at the top of the organization. At the same time as these other changes take effect perhaps? That would also make a lot of sense.

Ralph Perrich

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