Why not hire Canadian?

I'm another person complaining about the lack of upkeep on the roads of the Okanagan (or maybe the whole province).

I drive with studded snow tires, and I was sliding all over the road when I went to give blood recently. 

I am sick of being lied to by companies that promise to do a job and do half or less, then complain about getting crapped on. Well, do a proper job, and you won't get blasted.

This seems to be a growing trend, that a company only does part of a job, but still expects to get paid.

Too many people are dying on the roads. There are potholes the size of small cars, cracks in the roads, no sand or salt to stop the skidding. What the hell did we hire them to do?

Why didn't we hire a Canadian company, anyway?  

Kerry Kozak, Peachland

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