Campsite booking woes

I tried to book the same camping site at Shuswap River and/or Kettle River as we had in the past.

However, when you input that you will be coming with an RV trailer of any length (even ours at only 17 feet) the number of available sites is dramatically reduced.

In Kettle River, an entire section of the campground can no longer be reserved by those with anything other than a tent or camper van (sites 1-53).

Why the dramatic reduction in RV sites?

This is clearly an error from the new website developer. Even when calling in, they simply say sorry, that site does not fit the criteria (trailer less than 18 feet).

Seriously, this is not right and is going to cause major problems and frustrations for those attempting to book a site with an RV this summer.

Gary Wardrop

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