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How many remember the tremendous global anti-war protests of February, 2003? City streets in many metropolitan areas were jammed with people opposed to the U.S.-led war on Iraq. Kelowna’s streets were full as well with the largest anti-war mobilization in its history. 

Everything that has happened since proved the peace marchers were right. The war was based on lies, the region was plunged into unending horror, and some people made a lot of money. 

Seventeen years later, and we now have more drones and civilian-killing sanctions – but the same imperial dynamics are at play. It’s the same mentality that conquered the land we occupy today.

What can stop it? It is my belief the only thing that can is an even stronger anti-war movement, independent of political parties, linking up all popular forces, labour unions, churches, environmentalists, all who believe in peace and care about our future.

Activist organizations are co-ordinating protests against a new war in the Middle East, a global day of action this Saturday.

In Kelowna, the gathering will be at noon in front of City Hall. Now is the time to join together, bring friends, signs, good vibes and umbrellas. Let’s feel the people’s power!

Mark Haley, Kelowna Peace Group

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