Paying price for Trudeau win

Prime Minister Trudeau promised billions of dollars in massive new spending initiatives in his pre-2019 election babble. He promised prosperity and hope by collecting billions extra in tax dollars that he will give to nations supporting UN global initiatives that have no benefit to Canadians or to Canada.     

His promise to save our world from climate change rings hollow. All that came of his generosity with our money in his first term was more Canadians struggling to make ends meet as his government destroyed every fabric of Canada’s oil and gas industry for the “good of the world.”

Yet, hypocritically, he supports Quebec’s imported Arab oil being shipped up the St. Lawrence while opposing a federal pipeline across Quebec that would be cleaner and more efficient. No problem providing thousands of jobs to other oil producing nations but not for Canadians.   

Government policies will not put a dint in stopping global carbon emissions and will destroy the backbone of Canada’s economy, yet, all we have to do is trust him, he who never ran a business, never had to balance a budget and never had to account for his “privileged” youth. 

Why did we give the PM another mandate when he violated ethics rules twice (the only Canadian PM to do so), slammed us with a huge carbon tax, failed to balance the budget as promised and instead increased it massively (with no apology), sought to control the media with handouts of our tax dollars, destroyed Alberta’s oil and gas industry to achieve his global initiatives and many more broken promises?  Do we, as a nation, not have any backbone to vote out deceptive leaders?

Mighty spending promises of his second campaign are, naturally, just as fake and unrealistic as those made in his first election campaign. They will prove to be another betrayal of the public trust because the current Liberal government has no credibility when it comes to honesty, accountability and truth. Millennials will pay the price of Trudeau’s election win.  

Ronald Rayner, West Kelowna

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