Mayor Grinch and sidekicks

I went down to City Hall and supported the protest for a warm place for the homeless.

The turnout was less than expected. This was sad, but my applause goes to those who made the effort to attend. I know lots of people were at work, and hundreds were out shopping, as the mall was packed.

Can residents not take an hour out of their busy schedule to help others?

Reach into your hearts and show a little love and help. Most people today feel entitled and that their time is only for themselves. Anything in life can change and, one day, things could change for you.

If there was no help for you, I'm sure you would wonder why. 

Kids today won't even give up their seat for an elderly person on the bus. What have the people of today become? Have we forgotten about helping others, kindness, and caring for those in need?

Not one of city council showed their face

While councillors and mayor are snug in their beds

The homeless lay cold and shivering with dread

The cold is among us, the homeless are scared

Will they wake the next morning, will anyone care?

There’s help to be had, there are those who appear

Yet councillors and mayor are nowhere near

Your heart might be pure, but your wallets are closed

Oh city of Kelowna, stop looking down your selfish nose

Action is called for, pull your purse strings apart

Don’t let Kelowna be the city with no heart

Merry Christmas, Mayor Grinch and his sidekicks.

L. Taylor

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